Sad Love - Junho So Eun (thoughts about)


As it come holiday, I can't think of what to do in nights but watch youtube. I really like watch korean idol videos, especially their own daily life. So I ended up on 2pm videos, which I am an old fan of their songs. It's not like I'm crazy about them like hell. I just like how they live with natural way, they don't think much about keeping their image, just the way they usually do, not supposed to do.

And my eyes catched up to a variety show that meets up two idols who don't know they each other well. It's Junho's 2pm and Kim So Eun. I know Kim So Eun, she acted very well in Boys Before Flower. I also know that she ever dating Kim Beum (it kinda some kind of regreting love for So Eun I think). The two of them
(So Eun and Junho) match very well even though in the start it comes up an awkward feeling, it definitely will do haha. So I watch it part of part patiently with my 'don't seem well internet connection'.

Actually it kind of sad feeling to see how idols love in their life. Love that never can live along, remembered that their agencies won't give permission to date even to just love. Thirty days was passed by Junho and So Eun. The arrangement goes well and I can see love between them. I also hope that as the show ended they will date in reality, even if they don't show to public. But, whoever idols date, I really hope they can love in normal way. It kinda of sick to see how strict the agencies did. Although it would shows many antis, but I'm sure that most of fans likely to watch their idols live happily, am I right? :')

see how they do in that show, I really sure their faces saying "I really love him/her, I want a date, but can't, just can't"